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LED  UVC  clean  panel  light  uses  beveled  edge  design,  seamless  welding  process,  white  paint  on  the  surface, antistatic treatment, do not suck dust, easy to clean;The frame is made of   6063 aviation aluminum material with high  thermal  conductivity,  which  is  convenient  for  heat  dissipation  and  reduces  the  light  decay  of  the  lamp;The spectrum  of  the  lamps  is  completely  free  of  ultraviolet  and  blue  light,  meeting  the  requirements  of  green lighting;Use  2  to  1  UV  lamp  ,It  can  be  determined  whether  UVC  is  on  through  the  visible  light  of  UVA;Simple installation, reduced maintenance costs, and UVC lifetime is up to 8000H.